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100% Grassfed Beef

Welcome to Baltzly Cattle 
Beef...The Way it Used to Be

When cattle were raised on family farms...

and family came together for dinner

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Before quantity outweighed quality...


and personal relationships were valued over corporate profits

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When you knew where your food came from...

and the farmer that raised it

We are a husband and wife-owned and operated farm specializing in direct-to-consumer sales of 100% grassfed beef. Our meat is never treated with growth hormones, is antibiotic-free, and pasture raised on our farm from birth to butcher.

Located in Paris, OH, we serve customers in communities throughout Northeast Ohio including Canton, Akron, Cleveland, and Youngstown.

All of our native Scottish Angus beef cattle are raised on intensively managed pastures for the highest quality grassfed beef available. We offer whole, half, and quarter shares of beef in late summer and fall. Our cattle are processed by a local butcher and orders are completely customizable to your preferences.

Purchasing beef in bulk directly from a local farm gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your food source and ensures that you're feeding your family meat that is not only delicious but is also safe and sustainable. 

Benefits of Buying Beef in Bulk

Peace of Mind

Knowing you will always have safe, nutritious food readily available to feed your family


You won't find meat that tastes better, or as fresh, as purchasing directly from a local farm

Support Local

Buying local keeps your money local and helps keep a small business open to continue serving you

Save Time

Fewer trips to the grocery store = more time for everything else on your never ending to-do list

Easy Dinners

Meal planning around food you already have in your freezer is easier and much less of a chore


Always have meat on hand for last minute dinner guests or when the grocery store runs out

Not sure if buying beef in

bulk is right for you?

Check out our guide that will walk you through the six questions you should ask yourself to help decide if buying in bulk is right for you.

6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Beef in Bulk.jpg

"Every Sunday I cook a big meal for my family and we'll have leftovers for the next day or two. When I made a meatloaf with your ground beef, I actually had to stop my son from eating more so we'd have enough left for dinner the next night! You can taste the quality and we couldn't be happier to support a local business."

- Janet 

"The porterhouse was in the top 5 of the best steaks I've ever had. Very tender. Very delicious."

- Phil

"We ordered 1/4 of a cow and it's the best beef we've ever eaten. So flavorful! We loved working with Hans and Brittney. It was our first time ordering and they made the process super easy. We will be yearly customers."


What Our Customers Say

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