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Whole Beef   
Price: $4.85/lb.

Average hanging weight:

500-700 lbs.

Average take home weight:

350-490 lbs.

Half Beef   
Price: $4.90/lb.

Average hanging weight:

250-350 lbs.

Average take home weight:

175-245 lbs.

Quarter Beef   
Price: $4.95/lb.

Average hanging weight:

125-175 lbs.

Average take home weight:

88-123 lbs.

We schedule animals to be processed at our local butcher in late summer and fall to coincide with the prime grazing season, which optimizes meat quality. Due to limited availability, bulk shares sell out quickly. If you'd like to be added to our waitlist, sign up and we'll contact you when we begin taking bulk orders.


We'll Fill Your Freezer, You Create the Memories

Meals are about more than eating, they're about spending time together with those you love. From gathering around the table for a Sunday dinner with your family to a 4th of July cookout in your neighbor's backyard, some of life's greatest memories are created with good food and the people that mean the most to you.

With a freezer full of our superior quality, 100% grassfed beef, you'll be prepared for all the memories that are waiting to be made.

We specialize in selling beef by the quarter, half, or whole. By purchasing in bulk, you're getting humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic-free, pure 100 % grassfed beef at a set price and guaranteeing yourself a fully stocked freezer for months.

The total cost of the meat is based on the hanging weight of the animal, which is the weight of the carcass after the head, hide and organs have been removed. The hanging weight will be determined after butchering. Due to size variations of each animal, the weight, and therefore the cost, will differ slightly.


Keep in mind that the actual take-home weight (the amount of meat you put into your freezer) will be approximately 25-35% less than the hanging weight due to trimming and deboning that occurs during processing.

Finally, the prices listed are for the cost of the meat only and do not include processing costs. You will be responsible for the payment of all processing fees directly to the butcher at the time of pick up.

Happy Customer with quarter beef.jpg

One of our customers after picking up a quarter beef.

How to Purchase Beef in Bulk


Get added to the waitlist to be notified when we have beef available to order


Decide the quantity you want and pay a deposit to secure your order


After the hanging weight is determined, we'll contact you with your remaining balance due


Contact the butcher to give your cutting instructions


Pick up your meat from the butcher in

2-3 weeks and enjoy your stocked freezer

6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Beef in Bulk.jpg

Not sure if buying beef in bulk is right for you?

Check out our FREE guide that will walk you through the six questions you should ask yourself to help decide if buying in bulk is right for you.

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Considering buying beef in bulk but would like a more detailed explaination of the process?

Sign up below to get our FREE guide that will walk you through the entire bulk beef buying process. We guarantee it will answer most, if not all, of the questions you have!

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