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We strive to be transparent in our farming practices and encourage you to visit our farm so that you can see how your food is being raised and have the opportunity to meet our cattle and ask any questions you may have.


Our farm is located in Paris, OH, one mile south off of State Route 172. There is a very large rock at the end of our driveway that you can't miss! 

We're available during designated hours every Thursday through Sunday to allow you a chance to tour the farm or shop our freezers filled with our premium quality, 100% grassfed beef. Since we also live on the farm and do not have employees to assist you during our hours of operation, we kindly ask that you call or text us before stopping by so that we can give you our undivided attention.

Rock at the entrance of Baltzly Cattle LLC 1184 Pleasant Valley Dr., SE, Paris, OH 44669

Thursday: 5-7pm

Friday: 5-7pm

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Sunday: 10am-1pm

*Or by appointment (please contact to make arrangements)

Driveway Entrance

Join our Farm Community!

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