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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of cuts are included in a bulk beef order?

A: One of the benefits of ordering in bulk is that the cuts you get are completely customizable, down to the thickness of your steaks and the size of your roasts. The chart below can be used to visualize the types of cuts that you could choose from. Depending on the size of the share you purchase, you may not have access to all the different cuts. 



Q: How long will the meat last in the freezer?

A: If the meat stays frozen and the seal on the vacuum packaging hasn't been compromised, the meat will last for well over a year. 

Q: How much freezer space is needed for a bulk beef share?

A: Whole Beef: 16 cu. Ft.
    Half Beef: 8 cu. Ft.
    Quarter Beef: 4 cu. Ft

ODA Meat Label.jpg

Q: Do you butcher your own meat?

A: No, to legally sell our meat in the State of Ohio, it must be butchered and processed under inspection by the Ohio Department of Agriculture or the United States Department of Agriculture. Because of this, we take all of our animals to a local butcher that is licensed and inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Check out our Farm-Fact-Friday blog post for more information on why we don't butcher our own meat.

Q: When will you have bulk beef available to order?

A: We typically have bulk beef available in late summer and fall. Due to the limited quantities available, bulk shares sell out quickly. We recommend getting on our waitlist and we'll reach out to you before we open up orders to the public.

Q: Does grassfed beef taste different?

A: We believe grassfed beef tastes the way beef should. No added fillers or excess fat allow for the rich, natural meat flavor to come through. If you've never had our100% grassfed beef before, you will likely be able to taste the difference in quality and flavor. Most customers find that once they've tried our product, they will never go back to buying conventional beef from the grocery store!

Q: Are your cattle treated with hormones or antibiotics?

A: NO! We have chosen to raise our animals in a manner that reflects the "way it used to be". Because our cattle are able to graze in open pastures, eating only what their bodies were designed to consume, they remain stress-free and healthy, thus eliminating the need for excessive antibiotic use to prevent disease and infection.


In addition, none of our animals are treated with growth hormones, nor do they consume grains or by-products of any kind. 

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