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About Our Farm


Welcome to our farm! We are Hans and Brittney Baltzly, the owners and operators of Baltzly Cattle LLC. We purchased our farm in 2014 with the intention of fulfilling Hans’ dream of raising cattle on his own farm. 


Hans grew up on a small hobby farm and has had a life-long passion for cattle; he raised his first 4-H steer at the age of 9 and has had cattle ever since.

When we moved our small herd of about 20 cows to the farm in late 2014, we knew it would take time and lots of work to get everything set up and working efficiently.


Over the years we’ve been able to make a great deal of improvements to our pastures, and by slowly breeding our cattle to be more efficient on a 100% grass diet, it has allowed us to expand our herd to our current number of 45.

Why We Do What We Do

Above all else, our passion is cattle and we really just love to farm. 


What got us to where we are today was our realization, in the early part of 2021, that after years of perfecting our cattle and our pastures, we finally had a product that could provide value to those that were looking for superior quality meat that was raised locally, grassfed and as simple as it hormones, no antibiotics, no GMO grains or corn, just good, old-fashioned grass, water, and sunshine.


Also, after witnessing the devastation that staffing shortages, cyber-attacks, and transportation interruptions caused our national corporate food supplies leaving grocery store shelves bare, we were convinced that it was time to turn our passion of raising cattle into a business of selling meat. 

We have a product that we can provide to our community that they can depend on; that isn't affected by something that happens across the country or the world; that is safe, nutritious, and tastes amazing.

Over the last several years people have begun to understand the importance of knowing where their food is coming from and are more invested in what they are consuming. This is a big step in the right direction, not only for the health and safety of humans, but also for the animals we are consuming, and the planet that we all rely on to survive.


We believe in producing "Beef...The Way it Used to Be". We do this by farming in a way that compliments nature. Modern agriculture often fights nature. Cattle are perfect grazing animals getting everything they need to thrive from the land on which they live. This used to be how cattle were raised before feedlots and the industrialization of farming. For us to replicate the way it used to be, we've selected cattle that will grow and finish on our pastures alone yielding high quality meat.


We sell directly to our customers with no middleman price inflation. We use local butchers that our customers will directly interact with and decide what product meets their needs. Finally, we are always available to discuss your needs, our animals, and farming practices, so you can get to know your farmers and see how what you're eating was raised, just like "The Way it Used to Be!"

Our Promise

We will always be transparent in our farming practices including how we raise our cattle. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest quality meat possible that is not only great tasting, but was also raised in a manner that puts the utmost emphasis on the health and safety of our animals and the environment. 


The day we bought the farm: September, 2014

If you're interested in learning more about how we met and our individual journeys into farming, check out our blog posts: How it All Started by Hans and My Journey from City Girl to Farmer's Wife by Brittney.

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