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-FARM FACT FRIDAY- How We Feed Grass Year-Round in Ohio

Some of the girls digging into the Hay Buffet

Our cows are 100% grassfed, but how’s that possible if the grass is covered with snow for several months of the year?

In the spring, summer, and into the fall (until we get several heavy frosts that force the grass to go dormant), our cattle graze in one of the 22 pastures we have set up for them on the farm.

Usually around Thanksgiving, we start feeding hay, which is grass that was cut in the summer and rolled into bales for the purpose of feeding when there’s no grass available.

Hay isn’t quite as nutritious as fresh grass,

so the cattle have to consume a little more to meet their energy needs. Our herd will eat about one 800 lb. bale a day, but it varies depending on the weather. The colder it is, the more they’ll eat.

The cattle have free access to hay 24/7, so even though they aren’t grazing on fresh grass, they’re still eating grass!

This is how we’re able to feed grass year-round, even in Ohio!

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