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-FARM-FACT-FRIDAY- Back to the Basics Terminology

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

We'e taking it back to the basics today with a little lesson on the proper terminology for the commonly incorrect usage of the word *COW*

You see, not all cows are actually cows….crazy, right!? Let us explain…

Technically, a female cow doesn’t become a cow until she’s had a baby, aka a calf. Before she earns this prestigious title, she is referred to as a HEIFER.

Then there are the male cows…

They’ll never be a cow (unless there’s a secret they’re keeping from us, but that’s a topic for another day)

An intact male is known as a BULL. He has the most sought-after job on the farm…we’ll leave you to figure out why...

A castrated male is known as a STEER. Typically, the meat you’re getting from us will be a steer that is approximately 2 yrs. old, which is the optimal time to butcher. They are fully mature, yet young enough that the meat is still tender and full of flavor.

So now you know, all cows are not created equal.

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