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-FARM-FACT-FRIDAY- Monarch Butterflies

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Today, we’re sharing some fun facts about Monarch Butterflies

Did you know…

🔸Milkweed is the only plant that monarch larvae eat. Conveniently for them, the adult female lays her eggs on the underside of the milkweed leaf so that when the eggs hatch, the larvae can start munching right away

🔶Adult monarchs are poisonous to birds and other predators because of residual toxins in their bodies from consuming the milkweed plant. Their beautiful, bright orange color serves as a warning to predators not to eat them

🔶In late summer, monarchs in Eastern North America travel up to 3,000 miles to overwinter the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico

🔶 Monarchs can travel between 50-100 miles a day and it can take up to two months to complete their journey

🔶The farthest-ranging monarch butterfly recorded traveled 265 miles in one day!

If you’re interested in reading more, check this out:

And, if you’re able, plant some milkweed in your garden. It’s a native Ohio plant, so it’s good for the ecosystem and on top of that, It’s pretty rewarding to help out such a beautiful and beneficial insect.

P.S. Can you spot the different caterpillar sizes in this video?

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