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You know what they say: "Onto greener pastures..." Why Rotational Grazing is Beneficial

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

We rotate our cattle to a new section of pasture every day for several reasons, most of which are to maintain the best quality grass we can provide. It’s actually pretty simple, the quality of meat is directly related to the diet in which the animal was fed!

Here are some of the reasons we rotate daily:

~Limiting the time cattle spend on a single section of pasture prevents over grazing and allows the grass to regrow faster

~Not over grazing reduces the amount of stress put on the grass, which in turn allows for greater carbon capture and sequestration

~Taller grass retains soil moisture better, which allows the grass to continue to grow, even during drier periods

~As the cattle move throughout the pastures, they are leaving behind natural fertilizer that helps feed the soil and promotes nutrient recycling

~It provides new foraging opportunities for the cattle and keeps them full and satisfied while allowing them to do what they do best, graze naturally


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