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-FARM-FACT-FRIDAY- Mineral Feeders- A Multivitamin for Cattle

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

If you ever notice a blue plastic barrel hanging on the fence in one of our pics or videos, what you’re seeing is one of our DIY “mineral feeders”. These barrels contain salt and other trace minerals such as copper, zinc, and iron that we provide the cattle to supplement their grass diet.

Like humans, cattle need sodium (salt) to keep the electrolyte balances in their bodies functioning properly. Although they’re able to get the majority of these minerals naturally through their regular diet, we give them free access to the barrels so, essentially, they don’t have to work as hard foraging for what they need.

If deficient, cattle will seek out salt and other minerals by consuming things like tree bark, shrubs, or even soil!

So, what we give them is basically a multivitamin for cattle and other livestock. In fact, if you take a daily multivitamin, look at the ingredient list. You’ll most likely find that the same trace minerals we’re providing the cattle are also in your multivitamin!

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